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When Moon, Sir?

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When Moon, Sir?

The image quite familiar among crypto traders!

When Moon, Sir? That’s the question asked among traders and a very popular cryptocurrency slang! Now you can have it on your wall, in a great style! Decorate your living room with this popular crypto image and send a picture of it whenever you want to ask a veteran trader about upcoming moons and stars (they will be surprised you actually have something like this it in your home!).

The growth potential for altcoins in crypto space is enormous but only the greatest among us are able to predict the moon landing. This cool crypto art shall remind you what it is you aspire for – or make you reflect on your early days if you’re already a veteran trader. The size of this handcrafted artwork is big enough to make it visible from a distance and it may be a cool lighthearted addition to any cryptocurrency-related interior. Make it comfy, make it fun!

Size: 35 x 35 cm

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