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Lightning Network Beats Visa

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Lightning Network Beats Visa Mug
Lightning Network Beats Visa
Lightning Network Beats Visa

The lightning vision of the future, now during your tea time.

When it comes to Bitcoin gifts for Bitcoin lovers, always choose a funnier BTC gear, such as our ceramic mug offered above. Plastic cards will become obsolete one of these days, one way or another, and it might be the day when Bitcoin’s lightning actually beats Visa in terms of the number of processed transactions. Even gods support this idea because it’s their holy power that drives all the development forward. However, when it comes to ideals and expression of freedom, Lightning is already much better than Visa, allowing us to enjoy Bitcoin in any situation, no matter what we want to purchase. Buying coffee with Bitcoin should no longer be a problem, so basically a true BTC enthusiast is able to completely ditch Visa and eliminate it from their daily life. Now that’s a dream come true and it manifests as this incredibly strong message on our Lightning Network mug! It’s not be associated merely with Bitcoin’s blockchain and its second layer because it is also a symbol of liberation and financial resistance against the big banks and their oppression. The mug will serve you well during Lightning Network meetups and it’s something amazing to post on social media and showcase to your followers. Don’t lose hope and build. One day in the future Visa will be beaten and true progress will triumph!

The collection of mugs in our Bitcoin store offers you a choice between different cryptocurrency mugs, most of them PERFECT for surprises and gifts. Choose our lighthearted, funny design and buy this Bitcoin mug. It comes in traditional shape and with the capacity of 0.33 l. The image in bright, yellow color scheme, with a god throwing lightning bolts at Visa!

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