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Lambo Waiting

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Lambo Mug
Lambo Mug
Lambo Mug

Remember: Your Lambo Is Waiting.

With this amazing lambo mug you’ll never feel depressed. There are some moments in life when you have to take this difficult decision and take a leap of faith - a crypto faith in this case. If you want to achieve you dreams and buy a brand new lambo, you’ll need to leave your comfort zone and work towards that goal every single day, with patience. We know that it could be difficult and stressful, so we suggest you a hot, relaxing tea in this lambo mug. It contains a motivating rainbow inscription that will remind you that hard work breeds new opportunities. Your new lambo is awaiting you at the end of this difficult road, don’t give up!

11 oz mug, in white color and with huge handle, microwave friendly. The imprint was made using the sublimation method which allows you to wash the cup in a dishwasher.

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