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King Bitcoin – Pillow

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King Bitcoin
King Bitcoin – Pillow
King Bitcoin – Pillow

Bitcoin Pillow of Your Dreams!

This beautiful Bitcoin pillow available in various sizes will serve as a statement piece, paying homage to the king among coins. Regardless of where your interests lie in the crypto community, your attention should be focused on Bitcoin - the original blockchain solution. There are many crowns and kings, with plenty of all-time highs to achieve, but Bitcoin remains the high king among them all!

Intensive orange colors, polyester material and durable threads underline the solid character of the cushion. Pillows in white, sold with filling. Delicate and charming decoration that will give your bitcoin-friendly home subtlety and grace, excellent for the living room or bedroom.

Spun Polyester Square Pillow, 100% Polyester cover, can be cleaned in machine wash, max 40°C.

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