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I Was Told There Would Be Lambo

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I Was Told There Would Be Lambo Cryptocurrency Mug
I Was Told There Would Be Lambo Cryptocurrency Mug 2
I Was Told There Would Be Lambo Cryptocurrency Mug 3

Buy cryptocurrency mug with the iconic Lambo meme!

We offer you a crypto coffee mug with a printed lambo graphic, with that boring (yet entertaining!) guy who just can’t believe there is no lambo in sight and keeps dreaming of it. There are no lambos here, get back to your regular job before you get financially obliterated… mark our words, because only discipline and hard work can bring true fortune in the crypto wild west. Build solutions and speculate if there is a good market for it but do it wisely. Dreaming of your new Lamborghini is not enough, contrary to what people say and share on social media. Make this ceramic mug an important statement and... well, share it on social media, it makes it pretty clear there are no lambos in crypto so shouldn’t be harmful...

Our crypto mugs are supposed to bring smile and perfectly match the themes and ideas close to people familiar with the subject. It could be a great cryptocurrency gift for a birthday and awesome surprise. We also recommend it as a non-obligatory gadget for plenty of other occasions, not to mention it’ll serve you pretty well as your regular cup of tea. Coffee and tea mugs are usually quite personalized elements of your daily life. You can choose them based on the mood, fancy image or special event. Morning coffee drunk from your favorite dish improves mood and defines the rest of the day.



White ceramic mug

11 oz (0.33 l)

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