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HODL Bitcoin – Lion King Rafiki

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HODL Bitcoin – Lion King Rafiki

Rafiki says you must endure and HODL Bitcoin!

Do you like Lion King? Then what about Lion King and Bitcoin? Wouldn’t that create a funny combo and make an interesting crypto art? Here we go! We decided it was a fun idea and made this cryptocurrency décor filled with jungle colors and the subtle touch of savannah wildness visible in the frame borders. A funny decoration that’s ideal for all Bitcoin enthusiasts and hodl believers, made on wood and handcrafted – you may place it on your wall as a reminder of your goal. Rafiki says you must HODL. Don’t disappoint him!

Size: 30 x 20 cm

crypto art details

Cryptocurrency images with subtitles and funny graphics are great for your interiors.

Pictures with subtitles are often appreciated by reflective people who strive for a cool sense of humour and warmth that it brings. By placing an important hodl message in a visible place, we remind ourselves and other visitors what values we want to follow. If the inscription in the picture has a witty touch, we can count on a positive reaction from anyone who stumbles upon it. Funny crypto pictures let people know we have a joyful attitude to life and a healthy distance to ourselves!

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