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Buy the Dip, Sell the Top

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Bitcoin Coffee Mug

This white ceramic mug will remind you that you should buy the dip and sell the top - when it comes to your Bitcoin trades in particular. If you want to trade Bitcoin, then you need to see frequent results. You can’t always rely on the price of Bitcoin going higher and higher. There are different market cycles and powers at play here, that’s why sometimes things can get a little scary but still, the most important course of action would be to remain in the game. Always take some profit and never leave your Bitcoin wealth to a chance! After all, you can always buy the next dip and thus end up with even more bitcoins. Spending or cashing out some of the accumulated bitcoins won’t take too much effort and will allow you to improve your daily life, something that’s easy to miss in this crazy crypto gold rush. Luckily, we are here to offer you this perfect BTC reminder! It can also serve as a birthday coffee mug and part of your home décor. After all, what would be a long winter evening without a cup filled with hot coffee or tea? Make sure you have one and choose your favorite Bitcoin mug with us!

Details: BTC mug with the 11 oz capacity (0.33 l). Height - 9,5 cm. Diameter - 8 cm.

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