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Bullish Mug

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bullish mug
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Crypto Coffee with the Bull?

Awaken the Bull god with this classic-shaped cryptocurrency mug! Make coffee or tea an essential part of your daily schedule and turn it into the bullish ritual. It can also serve as a birthday gift or ideal gadget for your vlog, or even company.

Our coffee mugs guarantee satisfaction and warm reception of their iconic designs by your audience. This Bullish ceramic cup is extremely practical and roomy. Ceramics are characterized by high density, thanks to which our cryptocurrency merchandise is extremely durable and offers a long life. The surface is perfectly smooth, making it easy to clean, and it can also be placed in a dishwasher or microwave. Bullish Mug has a classic, stylish form and a large, perfectly profiled ear, which makes it very comfortable to use during a busy day’s work.

Use it along with our bearish variant and you will be able to switch between them according to the market!

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