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Crypto Buddha

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Crypto Buddha Mug
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A Coffee Lesson With Crypto Buddha - Towards Crypto Enlightenment!

Are you a fan of Buddha’s teachings? Would you like to achieve crypto enlightenment? Let’s start with this funny cryptocurrency mug! It’ll be a reminder of your goal and an inspiring imagery to accompany your coffee mornings. Because Bitcoin is the true teaching behind all other crypto!

Mugs can be unique and that’s when they offer the greatest fun – exactly why it’s ideal to choose one tailored to our individual needs and crypto market convictions. This crypto mug is a product characterized by its durable ceramic material and funny premise of the artful Buddha design featuring different cryptocurrencies. The print offers a rich range of colors and its high quality technique doesn’t fade easily – feel free to clean the mug in your dishwasher!

This white ceramic mug comes in popular 11 oz size (0.33 l) and allows you to enjoy the illuminating light of Bitcoin while drinking tea and coffee. Certainly a worthy gift for all Bitcoin lovers.

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