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Blockchain T-Shirt – Do Not Trust, Verify

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Cypherpunk Blockchain Shirt, Plus A Simple Message!

When it gets boring and you want to dress something cooler but more casual, it's worth considering our blockchain t-shirt which promotes the cypherpunk wisdom of an owl. Don’t trust and verify is the underlying simple message behind the shirt, and the brilliance behind the blockchain technology. No longer will people be victims of the banks and huge centralized entities. No longer will we put our trust in bankers who are supposed to take care of our hard-earned money. Let the world know that you support decentralized blockchain solutions and globally distributed ledger for all transactions! Don’t trust and verify what happens with your money – in the public ledger – as well as the code you choose to support and entrust your capital with, since all true blockchain projects should be publicly available along with their source code. With a simple, sublime graphic and strong message, this t-shirt model allows you to feel great while representing the decentralization movement.

Our brand of blockchain shirts will find a suitable place in your crypto wardrobe. Made of breathable, pleasantly soft cotton. Universal fit does not restrict movement and allows you to remain yourself in every situation. Black and white graphic, with one wise blockchain owl!

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