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Bitcoin Lightning

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Lightning Network Bitcoin Mug
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Is there a better bitcoin gift than a comfy mug for hot beverage drinking? This one is really distinct and will satisfy all eager adopters of the Lightning Network, Bitcoin’s second layer solution. Our amusing Bitcoin mug with a blueish, double-sided design will remind you of the swiftness and brilliance of the Bitcoin lightning solution. If you are interested in sending money cheaply, all you need to do is create your own channel on the Lightning Network and then make sure your recipient opened one as well. Then both parties will be able to send payments. Leave them opened for as long as you need them and enjoy the benefit of cheap and instant BTC transactions! After you conclude your business, you can close these channels and only one transaction will be recorded on the main blockchain network. Is there a better way to transact with Bitcoin on day-to-day basis? Is there a better lightning mug that would express the simplicity and brilliance behind the Lightning protocol? Well, there are many different Bitcoin stores online, that’s for certain, but we really hope our charming, cartoony design will gain your sympathy and make you 100% satisfied with your choice!

Made from ceramic materials and utilizing dye sublimation, the product is characterized by its durability. You can wash it in a dishwasher and use it in a microwave, which will save you precious time, energy and money. Traditional shape and size of the cup emphasize its humorous styling and provide relaxation during drinking. Perfect as a birthday mug, especially if you’re looking for a Lightning Network motif!

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