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Bearish Mug

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bearish mug
bearish mug
bearish mug

It’s time to drink with the bear!

This ceramic trader’s mug of the bearish vibes will become a subtle accent of your desk. Very useful as iconic crypto item for vlogs and in other trading endeavors, such as stock market reviews. Show everyone what’s your current take on the market simply by holding your new mug!

Our Olympian Bitcoin Store tries to deliver funny and unique cryptocurrency mugs, with our crypto merchandise directed at true enthusiasts who deal with the market every single day. We want our products to be the ultimate expression of this reality, suitable to be used as perfect gadgets, bitcoin gifts and fun decorations, 100% in-line with your preferences. Thanks to that, each cup of tea can bring out the personal values and increase daily enthusiasm.

This is a simple, classic shape 11 oz mug, with a gentle design. Ideal for serving hot drinks or cold juices. The ergonomic handle ensures good grip in the hand, and the 0.33 l capacity is enough to savor your favorite taste. Our crypto mugs can be used in a microwave and washed in a dishwasher without any obstacles.

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