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Ultimate Bitcoin Merchants List – Where to Spend Bitcoin?

New places that accept Bitcoin appear every single day but sometimes it’s pretty hard to keep up. You all know that awful feeling when you are in a hurry but nobody seems to accept Bitcoin, right? Well, don’t look any further! We compiled the most comprehensive list of places where you can spend your hard-earned Bitcoin!


Top 5 Online Marketplaces

list of bitcoin merchants


In their assortment you can find almost anything, from furniture to perfumes. Buy jewelry, home décor or baby clothes. Order and pay with Bitcoin!
Need some hardware and electronics? Here you can find devices that you need! But don’t forget there is also gaming assortment and even clothing.

Navigation of the site is not the best but you can find practically anything, including electronics and sex toys. Just explore the tags and find your items!

Number one decentralized marketplace. Here you can find anything and pay with most popular cryptocurrencies. The eBay of decentralized world!

That’s right, the big computer company offers their services for Bitcoin. Just make sure they do accept it in your country and that it’s not gone (temporary).



Top 5 Merchandise Shops

where to spend bitcoin 


Your number one destination for unique and funny cryptocurrency products, with special focus on Bitcoin. Amazing hats, t-shirts, handcrafted wall decorations and other crypto merchandise.
Good selection of funny Bitcoin products. Includes phone cases and hoodies.
Here you can find many things crypto, including apparel and mining rigs. It is also a trusted provider of hardware wallets, though it’s always best to check some reviews first.
Amazing fine art and you can use it as your cold storage! If you are a lover of fine art, then you'll find this place useful.

A large selection of t-shirts with simple altcoin logos. Good place to check if you can’t find it anywhere else.




Bitcoin Merchants Directories: Where To Look For BTC Merchants?

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It’s pretty hard to come up with a decent list of Bitcoin merchants without mentioning third party directories – they are essential if we want to discover new merchants accepting Bitcoin, and new crypto businesses emerge every single day.


Here are the most trusted sources of new Bitcoin merchants:



Thanks to CoinMap you will find some useful local merchants who accept Bitcoin in your area. Don’t just buy online, go to your local Bitcoin shop!



A huge list of Bitcoin merchants is available at CoinPayments. You can filter by different cryptocurrencies and see all the merchants who are listed with them.



Service that lists various crypto merchants and puts them on the map. You can find both online and physical stores accepting BTC.



Another map service with plenty of Bitcoin merchants! Check your area and find places that accept Bitcoin.



New and trending stores which support Lightning Network. But it’s a very good resource for mainnet Bitcoin users as well.



Quite huge directory of websites and shops accepting different cryptocurrencies.



Popular online directory for merchants where you can see rates and reviews. You can filter by merchants who accept Bitcoin and see how trustworthy they are.


Not Enough?

crypto merchandise store list

No worries, here are some more suggestions for online shopping and gift ideas:


An ideal place to buy gift cards for BTC.


Buy your favorite games and play new games. All with BTC.


A place to get gift cards at great discounts.


Purchase jewelry and fine watches. Look no further and spend your BTC on a gift for your loved one.
Need to buy a bike or bike accessories?
Watches and glasses for classy men with style.
Custom toys, fun gadgets and some apparel.
Gadgets, t-shirts and collectors’ editions for passionate gamers!



Find your favorite stores and directories!
Buy online with Bitcoin!

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