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Bitcoin Art Jumps Into the Mainstream

The Beginnings of Crypto Art

bitcoin art

Until recently, this type of work was known only to die-hard fans of cryptocurrencies. For example, DeCourcelle's works were known only on the discussion forums such as Reddit and BitcoinTalk. But now it is slowly changing. Bitcoin art enters the mainstream. It started in the spring of 2018, when Andy Bauch sold some of his mosaics from the "New Money" series. They were exhibited at the Castelli Art Space gallery in Los Angeles. For one of them, the buyer paid 14 thousand dollars. In May 2018, the item "Celestial Cyber ​​Dimension, Kitty 127" from the series "CryptoKittens" was sold through the LiveAuctioneers auction portal for the sum of 140 thousand dollars. Today we have galleries offering bitcoin art. One of the most impressive is the Lynx Art Collection. It offers paintings and objects in limited series. Everything made by young and prosperous artists.

Marguerite deCourcelle creates under the pseudonym @coin_artist. She was the first to come up with the idea of ​borderline art in relation to the development of cryptocurrencies. It's about crypto-art puzzle - images containing hidden codes to full cryptocurrency balances. That’s why art based on Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can contain hidden messages or even puzzle challenges, some of them nearly impossible to solve.


bitcoin puzzle art

The most famous work of @coin_artist is the painting "Torched H34R7S" crowning the series "The Legend of Satoshi Nakamoto" (the famous creator of Bitcoin, of course). What’s astonishing, someone solved the rebus hidden in the image and thus gained access to Bitcoins worth about 50 thousand dollars! In fact, DeCourcelle started a series of her works with the image titled "Dark Wallet Puzzle" (2014). It contained a hidden code giving access to 3.4 BTC and this is how the unique cryptocurrency art was born. Literally and figuratively.



bitcoin art

In the footsteps of @coin_artist goes, among others, a Parisian artist Pascal Boyart. He began to create crypto-murals on the streets of the French capital. Some even refer to current events, such as the protest of the so-called yellow vests. Another known Bitcoin artist is VESA. The journalist has become a performer and the creator of quite fascinating works. He runs his Art For Crypto portal. You will need to pay tens of thousands of dollars for his art. Quite expensive, isn’t it?


Perhaps A Little Less Expensive?

Luckily, expensive crypto art isn’t the only option in crypto fashion. There are services that approach cryptocurrency styling in a cheaper manner and even though you may be able to find a fine art at cheaper prices… the real saver for people who don’t want to spend hundreds of dollar for a piece would be online retailers who specialize in average customers. Some crypto merchandise shops offer affordable home décor and may be great places to stop by. But the prime example of this would be crypto art available at our Olympian Bitcoin Store. It’s handcrafted, thus attractive and unique, but at the same time quite affordable and ideal as a gift for casual crypto enthusiasts.

That being said, it all depends on our tastes and whether we like cryptocurrency art. Some may be happy to use cheaper alternatives, other would be happy to purchase something non-crypto related. But who knows… Maybe they’re doing it wrong? Maybe being part of the movement, no matter what kind of crypto art you can afford and buy, is exactly what’s needed to make cryptocurrencies even more popular? Only time will tell!

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